Lemons seem to be our lot in life, but sometimes I get tired of drinking lemonade. Sometimes I'd much rather have root beer, and no matter how hard I try I just can't seem to make root beer with lemons.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Nest

Lately I've been thinking that spring isn't ever going to really come. It just feels like every time it seems to get close a storm gets in the way and ruins everything. That seems to be the problem with both spring and love. The moment you start to hope something comes along to break your heart.
I've felt almost exactly the same about life. My soul seemed to be in a wintery rut of sorts. I couldn't seem to find a way past my icy doubts to hope for the future.
Then this morning, as I walked home, I caught sight of something that surprised me. There was a storm on the way, you could feel it in the wind, but just as I was thinking this I saw a bird flying with a long twig in it's beak. I stared in wonder for a moment. I have never seen a bird preparing a nest before. 
This is when I got to thinking. The bird, like Noah's dove, had brought me hope for a spring that I couldn't quite see at that moment. Surely if the birds know it's time to settle down then it's certainly a good time to start making some plans of my own. 
Nature it so great.